Ten Thousand steps

In an effort to start the New Year off on a good foot, this morning’s walk was nearly ten thousand steps. The route began on the dirt road in front of our casita, and turned through San Agustín Yatareni, a small neighborhood outside of the city of Oaxaca.

We saw a small devotional at the corner and a mural, both making this a place that the community creates meaningful objects. Many dogs were out warming up in the morning sun – most didn’t even look up as we walked by.

Yatareni devotional

After returning home we rested on the front porch and heard a band off in the distance. Soon it was apparent it was getting getting closer – we walked out to the street and saw a procession going up the hill led by the marching band and Monos de Calenda, giant puppets that have an important role in celebrations.

Procession goers found a more festive way to get their ten thousand steps in this morning.

Morning procession with band and Monos de Calenda


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