Three Kings and the January 6 Uprising

While I sit here in Oaxaca today, January 6, 2022, nearly all residents are celebrating Three Kings Day: a time when children traditionally leave their shoes under the bed the night before awaiting the gifts the Three Kings will bring.

For me, January 6 will forever remain the day I acknowledged the huge rift that is ripping the United States apart. The riots and armed attack one year ago today, January 6, 2021 on our nation’s capitol building, as well as the planned strategies to kill our elected representatives is a true American horror story. Perhaps it is the day that I finally lost an innocent outlook on what has happened within the country that I am a citizen.

Screenshot from YouTube video of rioters invading the Capitol Building January 6, 2021.

One year later, January 6, 2022 we go on with our lives and the Three Kings visit children bringing gifts. Let’s hope the Three Kings bring the gift of hope for the children to grow up in a world that isn’t torn apart by politics and rhetoric.

Community gathers for a local Three Kings Day celebration in Oaxaca.

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