The Art of Transformation

January 6:

Today I found a butterfly in my kitchen. Shockingly beautiful with patterns that resembles a kabuki mask on its wings, it moved along my kitchen floor in search of something.

How did a butterfly arrive here in New York, the dead of cold winter (it was below freezing nearly all day) and find its way into my house? It seemed like an auspicious sign, but later in the day after the news reports showed the shocking invasion of the Capitol building, along with the hatred and vitriol of the election protesting mob, the butterfly seemed more like a messenger.

Butterflies symbolize transformation, change, hope and life. If there was ever a time for this, today was the day. For any of you who didn’t get a personal messenger on this day of strife, I share my butterfly with you.

Butterfly visitor sits on dried hydrangea from the garden.

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