The Art of Preserving

Uncertainty is now the reality.

What is real now is in the future we’ll need food to eat and what is better than foods that we love? Food nourishes as well as provides comfort. Food can invoke memories of family and cultural traditions, celebrations, and recipes passed down through generations.

This past summer I spent hours preserving the garden’s bounty – from peppers that were pickled, to chutney made with peaches or tomatoes, now my shelves are filled with ways to spice up meals in the coming months.

Still life in Summer

Now when I take a new jar down from the shelf and read “spicy tomato chutney” or “peach chili pepper jam,” I am transported back to that hot summer day when I stirred these ingredients until they were ready to put into the water bath canner. The kitchen was hot and steamy and the promise was opening this jar when the garden is dormant – a promise kept.

Peach chili-pepper jam, summer of 2020.

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